The following core functions have been assigned to the National Security Division.

  1. Function as Secretariat of the National Security Committee (NSC).
  2. Convene meetings of the National Security Committee.
  3. Collect, coordinate and collate proposals and input from all relevant Ministries and organizations for consideration of the NSC.
  4. Formulate comprehensive National Security policy for approval of the National Security Committee.
  5. Coordinate the implementation of strategies and policies approved by the NSC through relevant Ministries and organizations.
  6. Formulate strategies and implement them in collaboration with Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage to counter negative propaganda against Pakistan and its institutions through its internal and external publicity Wings, under the guidance of NSC.
  7. Seek, analyze and utilize policy inputs from the Planning Committee on National Security, public and private sector think tanks and other experts in the fields of internal and external security, foreign affairs, defense and economy.
  8. Brief the Parliament and its Committees on national security related issues.
  9. Conduct national security dialogue with other countries in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and
  10. Interact with counterpart National Security Councils of other countries.