National Security Division


Pakistan is envisioned as an Islamic welfare state, internationally relevant and aligned with universal principles of justice, equality and tolerance. Seeking a peaceful neighborhood based on mutual co-existence, regional connectivity and shared prosperity. A secure and economically resilient Pakistan, empowered by diversity of culture, and demographic dividends, while ensuring fundamental rights and social justice without discrimination on the basis of caste, creed or belief. Promoting good governance through strengthening of institutions, transparency, accountability and openness as articles of faith.



The National Security Division endeavors to promote and integrate initiatives on national security and strategic policy planning under a holistic National Security Policy based on the principles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The Division seeks to promote a unified national narrative on a broad-based conception of National Security, and remains committed to providing administrative and intellectual support to the National Security Committee (NSC), Pakistan’s premier decision making forum on national security, and all relevant stakeholders. Appreciating Pakistan’s complex security requirements, the Division is geared to build international synergies by holding security dialogues with partner countries to strengthen Pakistan’s global cooperation on matters of security