About SPPC

The Strategic Policy Planning Cell has been created for prospective analysis and planning on issues of immediate and long term national importance. Housed within the NSD, the Cell works as an independent body staffed by qualified policy experts and comprising of a council of experts.

The functions of the SPPC include:


  • Operating as an intellectual hub for evidence-based policy input on issues relevant to National Security. Assessing comprehensive security situation in its various dimensions including traditional, economic and human security.
  • Providing input/advice on strategic responses to Pakistan’s internal and external challenges. Proactively producing scenarios, forecasts and multiple alternative policy options on issues specific to national security.
  • Proactively conducting original research and prospective analysis on issues of immediate and long term importance to Pakistan that may not be receiving the requisite attention within the system.
  • Working in close liaison with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security Division, and all other relevant Ministries/Agencies/Departments working on issues of national security and foreign policy.
  • Absorbing inputs from all relevant Ministries/Agencies, further analyzing and distilling them and presenting a holistic view on the issues under consideration by the Prime Minister/NSC.
  • Operating a Council of Experts consisting of think tanks, universities and independent experts to support the Cell’s analysis through intellectual input and undertaking original research where possible.
  • Presenting the Cell’s inputs at NSC meetings when required; and channeling/reporting its working directly to the Prime Minister and members of the NSC.
  • Engaging with and presenting Pakistan’s perspective at intellectual policy forums held internationally held under the auspices of various independent organizations/INGOs.
  • Acting as an official channel to receive scholarly input from independent stakeholders, analysts, and think tanks working on various aspects of security by regularly convening policy dialogues and discussions.


Headed by the National Security Adviser, the Cell operates with policy experts specializing in areas of Traditional Security, Non-Traditional Security, and International Law. In addition, a team of consultants supports the research and analysis conducted by the SPPC.