Functions of NSD

Assigned Functions under Rules of Business 1973

1.   Function as Secretariat of the National Security Committee (NSC).

2.   Convene meetings of the National Security Committee.

3.   Collect, coordinate and collate proposals and input from all relevant Ministries and organizations for consideration of the NSC.

4.   Formulate comprehensive National Security policy for approval of the National Security Committee as well as ensure its

      sustainability through monitoring of its implementation and undertaking periodical review / updation in consultation with all 

      the stakeholders as required.

5.   Coordinate the implementation of strategies and policies approved by the NSC through relevant Ministries and organizations.

6.   Develop national narrative to promote the national security vision outlined in the NSP and counter the negative and

      obscurantist ideology of the extremists, terrorists, and militants.

7.   Provide administrative and financial management support to the functionally independent Strategic Policy Planning Cell 

      (SPPC) and coordinate all intellectual / research and dialogue – based activities through the SPPC.

8.   Brief the Parliament and its Committees on national security related issues.

9.   Conduct national security dialogue with other countries in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

10. Interact with counterpart National Security Councils of other countries.

11. Organize Islamabad Security Dialogue on regular basis