Our Work

Policy Input on Vital National Interests

The SPPC provides regular feedback and research-based policy input on Pakistan’s vital national interests, including spearheading initiatives on several critical issues..

National Security Policy

The National Security Division has been mandated to formulate and implement an overarching national security policy for Pakistan. The SPPC is working in close coordination with relevant stakeholders to finalise a holistic National Security Policy guided by the principles enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan, the guidelines of the Quaid-e-Azam, and the vision approved by the Prime Minister.

Pakistan’s National Narrative

The SPPC has undertaken the initiative to reimagine Pakistan’s external facing national narrative that more accurately projects Pakistan’s current and future direction. Centered around economic security, Pakistan seeks to leverage economic interdependence to secure national interests and enhance the national security of Pakistan. Basic contours of the vision encapsulated in the new narrative have already been approved by the Government of Pakistan.